About Me

I caught the horse bug when I was at junior school and learnt to ride at La Carrière stables. I used to do stable work in exchange for rides until I graduated from Durham University in 2004 with a BSc (Hons) in Natural Sciences. When I returned to Guernsey, I started working for the States and saving up for a horse of my own and have been a rider and/or owner ever since. I've competed across all disciplines but have always focussed on doing what my horse and I enjoy most rather than pursing a particular goal.

I've been interested in saddle fitting since I bought my first horse, who was so sensitive that a wrinkle in his saddlecloth would leave a swelling on his back. I found it frustrating and concerning that there could sometimes be a wait of several months between qualified saddle fitters visiting the Island, so I decided to undertake training.

I attended the Introduction to the Principles of Saddle Fitting course run by the Society of Master Saddlers (SMS) in the UK 2015 and then registered with the SMS as a trainee in 2016. The SMS requires fitters to have at least three years experience before taking their exams, so while I was building that up, I undertook training with other providers to gain a range of different perspectives:

  • Equinology Institute Principles of Saddle Fitting course and externship, which included submitting a detailed case study for assessment.
  • Master Saddle Fitting Consultants (MSFC) Academy Diploma, which involved passing a written exam, a practical exam (covering: saddle assessment and fault identification, horse condition assessment, conformation and movement, templating and saddle fitting) and a case study.

During 2019 to 2022, I completed all these SMS qualification modules (which included written and practical exams) and gained a Certificate in Saddle Fitting from City & Guilds:

  • Saddle assessment and fault identification
  • Saddle flocking and flocking adjustments
  • Conformation, movement and condition of horses for saddle fitting
  • Taking a template
  • Saddle fitting

I also regularly refresh my training in safeguarding and first aid and seek to continually expand and update my knowledge. Check out my Facebook page for an up to date list of training completed and copies of certificates gained.

Horses are brilliant teachers. I am passionate about learning from them and trying to help when they tell us (sometimes subtly and other times more powerfully) that something isn't quite right. I believe that, whether you are a happy hacker or a competitive sportsperson, the welfare of your horse should be your top priority. I hope to be able to make life better for our four-legged friends by being available to help when needed and providing honest and affordable advice and services.